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قيم دكتوري

قيم دكتوري هو موقع و تطبيق لتقيم الأطباء في السعودية عن طريق المرضى و المراجعين

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تقيم الطبيب

مشاركة تجربتك مع طبيبك

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Lets face it, we all want to find the best doctor available in town. Because when it comes to health, no one wants to take risks.

In Saudi Arabia, when it comes to searching for the best doctor, we all depend on the word of mouth of our families and loved ones, each depending on their personal opinion and experience. If one opinion helps you in choosing your doctor, how would you feel if you can have hundreds of opinions and experiences about each doctor? While having thousands of doctors at the click of a button. helps you find the best doctor for your special case. Each neatly set in the proper location to help you find them. We also provide you the opportunity to share your own personal experience as a patient, to help other people in choosing their doctor.

Rate your doctor today and help everyone in finding their next best doctor!

قيم دكتوري